1,000 things

Im growing stronger than ever. As the old drops off, it is like being reborn. I am limitless.

To be personal..I always have the day before my period as an indicator of what comes next..pain and the inability to move. But the day before that, my body goes into hyperdrive and I end up cleaning small nooks and crannies as if I were on a coke binge. I get 3 days worth of to-do lists done on one day. You’ve never seen me move so fast. Always the day before. Sometimes, I’ll sit there and have a gentle nudge in the stomach (early period cramps are euphoric, exciting and make me horny- similar to a cat on the hunt with eyes fully dialated) And I’ll be detail cleaning a grille on a vent after I just cleaned every corner of a room in 12 minutes flat and be like..ahh..tomorrows the day..haha.

And so Ive wondered why I cant have this day more often as I would be unstoppable. And time after time, it just doesnt happen. Until now.

Im not sure what happened. I think I broke the “if I do it now or later, it wont matter,” belief. Or the “Im not worth it” belief. But I sit in a chair for two minutes now and Im like,” How do I get further up this ladder?” Before I would put it on paper and look and think about it and now..I take four different choices, figure out time frame and smoosh it into a spot in my day. Why? Not only am I limitless and my energy is infinite, but my instinct tells me, “The time is five minutes ago..get the fuck up and move Debbie!! Make moves NOW!”

And so I have been. And its working.

I will have an online art market up by next Tuesday. I will have things to sell on it. All professional and shit πŸ˜„. You are what you believe you are and just as my twin has OCD..so do I. In fact, I have every single thing my twin has. And we both deal w it a different way based on our beliefs. Thats why I can forgive each one of the things he does. He’s me.

This week I figured it out. Get everything off the to-do list. Start a new one. GO! Dont spend time on limiting activities. Focus soley on two things a day. Get them done. Hit the gym in the morning and do two more things. Each day. Two really big things. Yesterday was cut my whole backyard’s grass and repaint my whole bathroom from top to bottom flawlessly. Theyre done now and off the list. Next! Next! Next!

Ps. Grant Haffner just started following me on Tumblr….dope!

Nothing is impossible. Tim Ferris is a great writer and documents this process in his blog, his website and his books. He even tells you..reach out to people you admire, the untouchables, famous people for interviews to understand this dynamic. Organize your time correctly, focus on your goals, do things you are afraid to do. Start w the 4 Hour Work Week..amazing! I love reading about sucessful people. It excites me and helps me understand what Im not doing right.

If we erase the false beliefs that sustain the old and realize that those were just illusions, then we can do anything we want to acheive our goals. Im gonna do it. I will be the model, the role model of limitlessness. My next endeavor is lose 20 lbs in one month. This takes an amazing amount of focus and willpower but it can be done.( see 4 Hour Body, another Tim Ferris book) I have 60 to lose so this will have to be lived very close to the bone daily.. for a sustained period of time.

Again. Nothing is impossible. The energy that has been flowing through me is not even allowing me to fall back on old regimes. I have got to move or I am bored or not impressed or whatever you want to call too stagnant. I will move mountains and be juicy and cute and vivacious with dialted pupils the whole time, licking energy’s butthole for extra juice. I do not care. She and I are coming into our own. Less fights. More romantic runs. More spiralling our fingers in circles to make it work for us together. Im just a middle man. I explain the process. She imbues it with reality. I am grateful for you. For her and you and you and you. And for him. For all of you and finally being out of the dark.

Have a happy Friday. πŸ’•πŸ‡β€πŸ˜˜

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