Parting thought

(today is our anni..10/18/13)

When I met my twin, we couldnt separate even the first night. I said,” I probably should go home,” after two drinks and he said,” I dont want you to go.” And I said,” I dont want to leave.”

And I didnt. It was a magical night for me, it didnt matter how it went. I felt it went fantastic 😊

And the next day I insisted as he walked me to the train, that I take a selfie of us on one hour of sleep. And we did. And I sent it to him. He ended up skating w friends later that day who remarked when they saw us, ” You two look like youve been together forever.”

That’s because we have been.

We will never part. There is no physical way to rip us apart. And the same goes for all of the rest of the twins. We are always connected. In dark times, remember, you always have your love inside.

You are never alone. We are always together. And our love will never die. It is infinite.

I extend my love to all of the twins looking for hope who pass through here.

And Happy Anniversary to us. 💕🐇

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