Something has accelerated. Something is different in the energy and the air this week. Even weirder than usual. I dont know whats happening, maybe my senses have been increasing.

The last two hurricanes that formed: I can hear them. They make this sound as if I’m listening to them from space..whoof, whoof, whoof, whoof..I can somehow hear the spinning part of it. But I hear them sped up. It’s really weird. It’s all quiet and then I hear that barely audible whooshing sound.

This is what I feel and see. We have been all been having an awakening since about 2008. And since, things are breaking apart, including weak friendships. This does not affect me as I dont need to hold onto anything anymore. Im not concerned with the usual clattering that people go on about. People fight online a lot and I want nothing to do with it as neither side is right. Im slowly turning back into an energy sphere and my only real need to communicate has been to tie up ends and calm family and friends and explain this. Instead, Im back to art to say what I don’t feel like saying w/ my mouth. Talking gets tired. Im here with everyone. My presence has become a lot more still.

I had a twin email me this week the same problems she had months ago and it was because she wanted to take the same route with it as a doormat for the unavailable twin. Dont. Just dont. She was sure she had fixed her issues, yet was still only at the end of grieving. Twins cant lie to other twins. I can read right thru what she said and where she’s at. She’s got a ways to go.

People on the East Coast are worried. Im enthralled. Already we have this energy a swirling up here, I can feel it. This will be my first hurricane at my new house. The electric will cut and I have everything prepared for what comes next. Unless a tree smashes the roof in and then whatever. I dont really worry. I’m more excited to see how it plays out and how many dead branches will come down in the wind. Or trees. And pray my basement can handle any upwards of 7 inches of rain. It does fine with 5. We havent had any rain for 4 months, we really need it. My creek dried up three months ago.

Each week there is a thing. The energy tells me what the thing is. Last week it was the moon, this week/next week, its the hurricane. But whats the week after? Hopefully nothingness. I could use some time off.

My mind is on the very few things left I must finish before I leave here. My gut tells me my time here is short and I’ll be whisked off to a new locale in a short bit. The idea is to organize before so that all falls into place.

I’m also making new art. I have such a hard time focusing that I’ve had to cut off many old habits to make the space for this. I am super calm and focused.

I had another bad twin dream of me missing our wedding. I slept thru it. This is something I would have done in 2007, but not now. I was frantic, couldnt remember his number, his and my family were everywhere in this upscale mall. And then I asked myself: think back to when we decided this. I stood and remembered him calling me a week prior and us making up and deciding on short notice to tie the knot in a small wedding. Someone drugged me. It was the Universe. She wouldnt allow it.

Ah, the joys of separation. The one in the sky says no continually. Very similar to the hurricane whoosing. “No, no, no, no..” Just like the irritating, overbearing mother you try to escape, ” Not til you’re clean and done kids!!”



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