How the TF mirror works

So the grand idea is to stop negativity from mirroring and only mirror love. How do you do that? You break false core beliefs about yourself.

Perfect example. I write a shitty comment or do something that my twin does not deem acceptable to his ego. He feels its a threat and is going to mirror my threat with another intended “threat.” He then tries to defend himself by hurting me. It’s a knee jerk response most of the time. He does something that before I would normally be upset by. I wont say what, I’ll actually be modest for once. However, I have broken the false core belief stating that such a thing could hurt me. I am much more solid than before 😉

So then instead, I see his lashing out as a few different things, but most importantly: AN ILLUSION OF A THREAT, not a real threat. (How do we know its an illusion? Your twin loves you more than anyone. Get used to reminding yourself that.) Number one, I try to figure out what has pissed him off that he reacted to. Your twin will mirror perfectly EVERYTHING that gets to them, that they see inadvertently, even in separation (stalking.) Two, I dont react. Three, I see it that he is still vulnerable and we cannot be together because he does react to it negatively and cannot stop the mirror yet. Four, my mindset changes it from a threat to an act of love.

Until both twins can stop a negative reaction and turn it back into understanding that it is just an illusion and see it only as love and caring, then they cannot be together. Over time, you both will.

Another great exercise is to figure out how to not negatively react to anything. Silence or love. That’s all that should be emitted from your being. I, myself, do still react sometimes to negativity and Im doing my best to stop that. It takes practice. We grew up in a crazy world with parents that taught us a myriad of wonderful things. All in good time.

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