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This is how writing works. You are cleaning your kitchen and you begin speaking out sentences of what you’re going to say. It becomes a monologue and then more ideas attach as your brain feels free to pursue more avenues. It is then suspended with so much, it becomes a sopping wet sponge that must be wrung out immediately, very similar to the sensation of having to pee. Except with your mind.

I was speaking to one of my newer twin friends and I said the TF relationship is basically like a really long and involved open relationship. And it is. IF you know you are twin flames, then you understand the stages are the gospel and that you will technically get back together and that you’re never truly separate, and then one or both begins fucking the pain away and ends up getting into another relationship, well, then, BOOP. How is that any different from an open relationship?

This happens a lot. I know most of my twins’ others has ANOTHER person in their life. It is called the pawn, gently speaking, in my mind, as they are to be discarded after lessons are learned and the other twin pull their heads out of their ego and move into a real relationship with you again: the spiritual relationship where you both are honest, forge forward with all energy balanced and want to make something together. WITHOUT FEAR marring the relationship.

I had a heated discussion with the Universe en route to secure a laptop for this event (as writing on WordPress mobile is absolutely uncivilized.) I said to her “At least come up with a better illusion for me to believe so that I could consider this a break up or something. Even if he got married and took 17 million selfies with pawn of the year I still would not believe the illusion.” She sighed. And then looked at me and told me that she would keep beating me painfully and torture me to no end, just short of me offing myself. I told her to go fuck herself and that’s how that went. She’s a little on edge today. We both are. 😉

I talk to young twins (ones who just got into separation) and some speak as I spoke before. “Oh when he gets it together in a month or two.” LOLLLLLL. Think of separation like a fine wine or maybe even like a mutual fund. The only thing that makes your relationship better is time at this point. You arent going to get right back together because those paths need air and pawns and lessons and the AH HA moment of WTF am I doing without my twin. Those things do not come if time is not taken. In fact, I feel as if time compounds lessons.

I had two mini separations with mine and two weeks at a clip wasn’t solving what we had going on. If anything, things had only grown horrifically worse as each time, as the negativity mirrored worse and worse. If we hadn’t separated, we might not be alive today 😉

Which brings me into seeing this a lot on the boards. “Does anyone know anything about false twin flames because mine seems like a demon.” They seem like a demon because they are mirroring your fears, again compounded, because it’s the work of TWO frightful people, not just one. Black is not the darkest color in the world. No. I have seen farrrrr deeper than black. And it stinks of forgotten love. There are no false twin flames, folks. Nope. Your twin is SUPPOSED to act like a totally fucked piece of shit asshole, believe it or not. It’s so you separate and feel every painful thing on Earth you can to grow and vibrate higher. And then they stop acting like a demon because YOU AREN’T acting like a demon. So it’s safe then. (So then who’s the asshole..haha)

Please note: Use this time away wisely. Do not squander it. Separation is to learn how to be happy despite your twin not being with you. I know twins that did get back together before they really learned that and they got back together and had to break apart. And they are still apart and both are miserable because they didnt learn that one lesson. How to be happy alone. How to be happy with one’s life and achievements.

Many twins, in early stages think of all of their twins problems instead of their own. But he does this and he’s a mess and she is this. What are YOU? Realize you separated because you both have issues. If you didnt have issues, you wouldnt have separated because you would not have mirrored FEAR. It’s two sided. Just a reminder. I think of all of my problems and I still have plenty to work thru but it is a slow and steady battle, hence why separation takes so long. This is the whole reason for separation: TO WORK THROUGH YOUR OWN PROBLEMS, NOT YOUR TWINS.

I get upset sometimes that others can have these normal relationships and be together with the one they want. I cant. But then I look at all that I do have. Im as a twin, am considered one of the Earth’s elite. We are. All of us. We are the harbingers of truth and love and reality. We read energy. We can get further, energetically. And you have got to remind yourself that no matter what, your twin loves you more than anything in the world. Even when they’re unable to be there in person or mentally. They are always there energetically. And it hurts them greatly, lies, pretending and ego wall fully intact, not to be with you.

So, enjoy your freedom. Whatever happens is supposed to happen. Even if it is unpleasant. This is all a learning experience. You dont have to feel guilty. Enjoy all that you can.The sky is the limit. This planet and your body are the limit, for now.

2 thoughts on “Another smorgasbord of blog by yours truly/ Open Relationship

  1. I really like this post, especially the second to last paragraph 🙂

    Though I never really understood other Twins when they talk so negatively about their Twin. I never really have with mine, even during the first 4 months when the pain was unbearable. Maybe he just hasn’t dicked me over enough yet.

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