(This blog was written on a plane from Denver to Philadelphia and then my battery died so it may sound somewhat scattered. I apologize. There’s a lot to add to this because it is essentially thee experience one goes through during separation that is very important.)

I use a lot of Matrix references but that’s cos its so perfect in that it describes life in many ways. The gleaming land of fakeness that we live in, ego and the internal, actual life which may not be pretty, but is real.
I’m finding it easier to turn messed up thoughts around quicker. Each time I think one up it has to go through a cascading series of why. Why Debbie? Why does it matter? Why does it bother you? Why are you taking this to heart? The more I go through this questioning, the more I see that everything is relative and my opinion matters none. That no matter what, it falls into nothingness by the time it gets to the bottom. I am able to see other perspectives. I am able to turn the negative into positives now.

The questioning of negatives is slowly cutting me into a better person. Not to say I still don’t snap. This month is full of snaps. Oof. But the more I keep twirling the question around me, the less it can effect me and then I become more of a forcefield rather than a sponge.

As twins, we absorb and process everything super quickly. Time begins to race the moment you meet your twin. That’s because one lifetime is so short. We have to go through a conduit to get to the other side and its like being smooshed into a very tight sausage casing. It hurts, its depressing. You are yelling into air. But the further you go through it, you realize that you are responsible for all of the pain you put yourself through. You. Not your twin. All pain resides in your mind and once you can handle switching back to a better perspective, time after time choosing positive over negative: you are reconditioning yourself to be a stronger, better machine. So much of the twin flame stuff in separation is in your mind because that’s where you hear them, that’s where you feel the judgments and pain and all bad thoughts come from there too. All delusions, illusions, ghosts that we have built have their residence in your mind.
If we can get fast enough, and shit yo, were fast to start with, then nothing can stop us. We are already unstoppable, ever connected and infinite but what do you believe? Once we begin changing our past conditioning of negative influences we can break away from the shell that is human. It is all in the mind.

We are able to take fear and switch it to patience then trust again. Ultimately, the idea is not to feel fear or doubt at all, but to only feel love and trust.

I speak with twins in all stages of separation from beginning to the almost end. The early stage separation twins are still babies. They have no outer casing yet, no strong core to sheild themselves with and I feel obligated to assist and walk them through what is happening since I didnt really have that. I had twins to talk to, as lost as myself. But you are unable in that early stage to fend for yourself because you don’t understand just how large this is. As you work on the behavioral changes and emotional switches, things do begin to shift. It’s a process that happens naturally, your reconditioning into a very strong soul with unlimited potential and abilities because you are no longer holding yourself back. Very much like Neo, you can move faster than what’s coming at you.

I have moments when I am alone and able to concentrate and music comes on and all of the web illuminates and I’m getting messages and sending messages to twins/to my twin. Like a digital processor, I’m no longer human at these moments. Mostly though, this happens instantaneously without me having to control it. It is automatic. We are so unbelievably connected to each other that I don’t even remember what old life was like. I go to work and KNOW who will randomly pop up at my job. Even with non-twins now. I have to watch what I think sometimes.

Truth is always going to shine through. As energy readers, we can’t fake it. And as time goes on, we get used to this premise, that we must share and not hide because it only mirrors badly and works against us if we do hide. Everything gets put on the table, but, really, does it matter? No. None of that matters. We must stay resilient and shine through despite fear. That is how we get back to love.

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