A ways back, 16 deleted Tumblrs ago, on Twinflame Torture, I wrote about how in separation we have to “close the story” with old loves, old friends, etc. There’s an open story: people find out that you’re single, then listen to the twin flame story you tell them and think you’re crazy, but still wont leave. Or maybe you dont tell them the story. But you don’t want them there. Each story has it’s own way of closing. I’ve closed tons of stories just by sending energy when these situations pop up. I closed one two weeks ago and then I closed a big story last weekend. I have to close another one tonight. Seems I have a Finnish guy who liked going to my bar (he was my patron. 8 years ago, really) that is kinda like a bad penny. He thinks I’m wifey material, even though he can barely speak to me. Great looking guy, model-esque, but way too boring for me. I’ve brushed him off tons of times (it’s always the ones you push away) and still doesnt quite get it so I will have to write a rough email tonight.

We may have very old karma to hash out. I don’t care what it is. Like in the song Marx and Engels,” There was no coming onto her, there was no way.” I have knockers on each one of the doors and windows and all of them are ringing with twins needing help, family, work, art career and my own needs a knocking. I have no time to play games with people I want no future with.

Twins often find themselves unable to date others after this. And we try, we really try, but all of our potentials end up ringing out the same energy as us: UNAVAILABLE. Just do whatever feels right to you. It will fluctuate like everything else. But please close all of the stories you can that need to be closed. No need for spent energy pools draining you. Clean up your contacts and prune off the ones that just no longer fit. Even if they are close friends who are being negative or ungrateful. No need for that in your life. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve lost in this pruning session but it was for the better. I can focus on the people who I want and need to talk to now.

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