There’s a formula for everything on this Earth. It’s a mathematical equation of things, in most cases. Three likes and a comment gets you a new friend on Instagram, usually. However, it’s the energy that keeps you friends. You have to GIVE likes to get them. I know people with 900 followers that will only get 8 likes on a pic because they are greedy. They never give any love. If you dont give love, you dont get love. So give love and plentifully, in praise and time. And focus your love on those who you feel need it, not to meaningless fluff.

This blog is going to be a series of recent equations so bear with me. A lot is surfing in from the center of things.

SEPT 20-28th

I was just speaking with a twin this morning about the strength of this next eclipse saying I expected something similar to Fukushima Earthquake/tsunami and today I was checking the earthquake maps and things had ramped up along the Ring of Fire since the day before. There were 5’s and 6’s coming in and just now there was a HUGE ONE (8.3) in Chile and the aftershocks are unreal. Tsunami alerts for Cali, New Zealand, Hawaii and Chile already had one. Most notably: Papau New Guinea, Indonesia, Cali, Alaska and Chile are in very strong spots for something exciting and even Oklahoma’s are getting more frequent.

earthquakes today

I just took this screenshot at 1:52 a.m. EDT Yesterday’s energy was high, but todays is electric and it’s unreal. I wonder how this will play out over the next few days as eclipse super moon earthquakes are HUGE. I suspect more and even expect a larger one, but perhaps tonight is the high point. We’ll see.


Twin flames make contracts between themselves while they are on good terms. This is important to remember. In separation, it feels like war. Remember to fight fair and keep your eyes on your own paper. I spoke with a twin this morning in a ten year separation with hers and they are finally sailing back together despite her having to raise their kids alone. And then I read another one about how this one lied and cheated and did drugs and cheated again and again. It was a horrible story. I look at all of the twin situations as their own solo equations. Each twin set has decided their fates before they came into this life. And so, you agreed on a lot of this together. Many times both twins are the same amount of enlightened, they just forget that in separation. Some twins are further along than others. It comes down to learning your lessons. When separate, just let them be. The worry that things wont turn out right is a lot of stress to bear. Just trust in what unfolds and begin to watch patterns. In very little time, it will make a lot of sense to you. Even in separation, I am so proud of twin friends as they move from anger and grieving to unconditional love. It does make sense over time, just let it unfold and you both will change.

Twin Flame benefits

You become aware of all of what you are and how limitless you are. Understanding what were here to do and our past lives and the connections between humans is a much more profound thing than I thought as the words are said. Living it is another realm of amazing. We are psychic together, with each other, with most people, we can guess a lot of what will happen, we feel our twins energy even when they wont talk to us, we attract people like magnets including members of our soul families and begin to heal and vibrate higher super quickly.

I’m writing another blog to expand this but technically, once all of this is understood, that should diminish fear and without fear we are unstoppable.

Getting over the rough part

I have two twin friends that are hitting walls hard. They are having a hard time with life and for the same reason. They have alot of drama in their lives. They yell alot, they arent happy with things and take things for granted. They take me for granted but I dont take it personally anymore. And I can see from a distance that it’s because they arent viewing their lives from a beneficial frame of mind. How can I make lemonade from shit? Well, the shit is actually every fruit on Earth and you are just seeing all of it as shit. They’re not grateful for what they have and theyre failing and hitting the wall. I love them to death and that’s why I’m NOT helping them. I give small pieces of advice, but ultimately I want them to figure it out.

Each day I do a small minute or two of thanks for things. It’s to turn my mind from lack to abundance. I have everything I need. I lack nothing but a trip to Tahiti (soon) I can have whatever I want and I will attract whatever I need. I know I am in control of that and its all inside of me.

Ego wall

At this point I roll around the twins in conversations and they go from super serious to depressing to whatever. Some understand the tf structure as one they must endure and theyre willing to get through it. Others are still at step one, blaming their twin and it’s years later. It’s not just one’s fault. The runner doesnt CHOOSE to lose their voices. They are merely mirroring your fears. So if you truly want your runner back, diminish your fears and they will mirror you.

I was very angry for a long time and now I just laugh. I can’t help it. I cant even take it seriously anymore. WE ARE ALREADY CONNECTED and were upset about WORDS? Or ACTIONS? When we have the world in our hands? With all of this knowledge? That we are endless and there is just an ego wall in the way? We are touched by source daily, we are source energy, we can move mountains, we can invent anything, we only want to be together, we feel unconditional love for each other. And yet, we cant TALK to each other for YEARS? That just makes no sense to me. I get it, that separation forces to confront things by this imaginary wall of ego that falls away when we release fear. But for years?! Really? Ack! When we already talk daily, energetically?

We have to get to the point where we realize we love all beings in the world and our twin so why is it we talk to everyone except them? I have a hard time understanding this part at this point. What’s the use to pretend anymore? Just seems silly to me.

Another twin I spoke to today is really far ahead for a young one, shes like 20, and she knows this relationship structure with her eyes closed. Everyone gets to that point. Well, most do, I think. The chaser humbles out and calms down, gives out advice to less experienced twins and can read the Universe and it’s creation back and forth and the runner loses fear, realizes all of what this connection is and its benefits and can handle it again.

Blows my mind.

The formula for the twin flame relationship is written out and staged and all we have to do is make it though, successfully. Understanding your own reactions and fears and behaviors helps this go a lot faster. Implementing those changes to the above is the harder part but can and must be done. I have faith in all of us. I have seen amazing changes in twins in just a few days after knowledge of how it works gets passed to them. They go, “Oh wow!” And veer off in a stronger, better direction.

We are learning everyday so fast and I’m proud of all of us. We’ve all come so far 🙂

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