Ended up going into a bowl ceremony Saturday night that was madness. No one could sit still. Even the dude who met us at the store couldnt calm down. Yip yip yapping, it was straight-up nuts energy. Got in, laid down and the five dings on the bell were totally different than usual. Usually it’s just a dingggggg. And it dies. This time, each one was long and moved up and down in wavelength about 7 times before it stopped. “DiiingggggGGGGGggggGGGGGgggggGGGGG”

I was like..WHAT?! The solar eclipse changes audible TONES! OMG!

I was totally blown away by this. All I could see during the ceremony was color combinations and good future paintings to paint. Maybe I’ve cleaned my schmutz out so much that there’s no residue left? In three ceremonies? That’s it? Shut up, no way!

I will go back a few times more to see how things change based on moon phases.

I feel major shifting this month for the better 🙂

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