Ive been trying to write a blog for a week. WP is being a jerk. So this will be a few things put together.

I go and drive through to Yellowstone yesterday and on my way there I have to drive through Targhee National Forest. Not 4 minutes later a series of invisible geometric patterns line up around me and arrange exactments in my brain and boom..I am crying. Why? Usually Im like a solid hunk of petrified cheese. You cant get me to move, emotionally, it takes a lot. Im getting it now, the understanding of what it feels like to remember your past life. Each time I get this warm sensation in my chin that goes down my throat and I literally lose my shit. Just like on the horse getting stabbed in the 1200s, just like the 500 year old music, just like when he told me he loves me: I remembered that I WAS HOME. I looked around and it was just pine trees on both sides of the road. I began identifying great grandchildren of trees I remembered from when I was there. I cried more. I was hugging trees and running through them and flying through them. This was home. At one point. I get to other points and nothing moves me again.

Going through Yellowstone was fucking awesome! This was a long time dream. And to watch the ground burn right next to you. To bubble and spout water and sulfur is just so amazing. Everything about this place was gorgeous.

But this story gets better cos I go home a different way and its 5 hours vs 2. I had no clue because I couldn’t get a signal. So I follow the way the lady at the convenience store tells me. The convenience store that sold me ½ a cup of coffee cos it was 2 bucks and I only had one dollar left. In a cowpath for hundreds of miles behind campers, I take a picture of the Grand Tetons and it lines up again. Theres the 3 blue mountains that my twin and I lived across from and right across the way was the field. Exact same color and everything! I was like..aha! So this is what I saw when I did the past life regression. We lived somewhere between Moose and Jackson Hole. This was amazing to drive thru it because the colors were exactly the same and everything!

I have to say, it’s somewhat jarring remembering these things. But if I saw it in a past life regression then when I see it in real life, its peaceful. Its already been confronted. If I see it in real life and it just hits me, it is not so peaceful. It’s like turbulence, the memory comes in and shakes you up, to the point of crying. Crying never seems to come at a good time, but it does what it must. Cleanses and purifies.

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