September to remember

Cavorting between 98% humidity and 10% humidity does a series of fights on the system. A nose bleed, dry lips, inability to ever be moisturized are three of my best for the week. Water is important. Percentages are important. But strong fluctuations on any system reek havoc and this is what we can look forward to for the next few weeks. This mess began the second the market in China plunged.

We have so much going on this month. Closing of doors and instituting new rules and learning lessons are part of this. Old regimes crumbling leaning to new growth. A change in disposition. Fear is sweeping through everything from the market to relationships to politics. People read stuff like this like a horoscope and think, “ how much more BAD do I have to encounter? Im tired of change!” Yes this has been going on since 2008. An ever rolling ball of spontaneity and adventure. Im not Indiana Jones and neither are you. But what if instead of seeing all change as bad we viewed it as good?

We make jokes because this sounds like the same thing over and over. There is no joke. Mother nature is shaking us free of all unnecessary attachments. Its just taking a really long time.

My landscaper came in today and had a concerned look and I said,” I know, Mikes in trouble.” And hes like I just got the phone call, how did you know that? And I said cos I can feel him. Seems he wants to keep pushing himself into the same walls over and over again. But this month is different because he hurt himself so bad from it that he can no longer move. A lesson is soon to be learned.

Life wont have it. Over the past ten years Ive had my own fun learning lessons. Each time I got too messed up drinking bad things would happen. Not just kind of bad, but horrifically bad. And anytime I quit, immediately good things would come into my life. Life shows you what you should and shouldn’t do. This month, life is going to be head locking many of us until we say “Uncle!” Its all for good.

Being somewhat psychic gets me into trouble w people who are not ready for it and that happens a lot. You can’t jump steps. People think youre insane if you start texting them..”I know youre in trouble man. I know we havent spoken in 5 months, but just chill, it will pass,” does not fly. Feeling peoples’ energy and making deductions doesnt fly. I try to go slow with it but Im as subtle as a sledgehammer. But this month is kinda like that. All of the arrows line up and things just connect. And then mother nature makes her deductions and gets you straight.

This month will be a series of quantum leaps in progress. And progress may look ugly at first. Making a cake is messy. But the end result is a leaner, tighter you. Just try to be gentle with those around you as youre getting your head squished.


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