Dissolving your ego

To dissolve your ego you have to understand the framework behind fear. It is an illusion. Much like any looming thing you worry about. What about this or that? What if it doesn’t work?

Lets step back and look at the worst things that can happen to you. You are a soul so your body, no matter what is just a vessel and if you die, you just move into a new body, you feel no pain, you don’t even remember any of it. So death is easy and no longer a fear if you understand this. What is then scary?  A stranger breaking into your house? Being physically attacked? You cannot control these things either. And the possibility of them happening are not as large as most people imagine.

What is scary to you? And why? What do you feel you would lose if you were to go through with the pain or dealing with it?

On the flipside, my understanding is that there is only love or confusion. Confusion from where love resides and therefore fear gets grouped into confusion. All beings are trying to connect to the source, the love, the web of connection. Because of illusions placed in our minds by our elders constantly..”Don’t do this, that’s a bad idea, you don’t even want to try that.,” we are held within a box of dont’s for a very long time until we break those illusions. The illusion that you arent worthy enough to be fearless, to be successful, or for love. These are all lies that you must break and stop believing.

Once you realize that all of these things taught to you to “protect you” are doing more harm than good, the framework disappears and fear subsides. Once you see the fear in other’s behavior and actions, you see that everyone was basically trained sadly the same way. The reason why people yell or attack or freak out is fear based. It is the ego protecting itself. But one has to get past that worry. No one is trying to hurt you. Ultimately, the only person who can hurt you is you. Through your mind, through bad decisions, through stagnance.

If someone attempts to hurt you, it’s because they have been hurt themselves and this is their reaction.

We often say we wish we could die. We can’t. Our energy and souls are eternal. We just keep circling. Understanding that and all of the above, the ego is unnecessary. If you want love, you must exude love. Fear and ego prevents that. I ask twins what would happen if your runner came back? Would you talk to them? And some say no. I, at one point, have said no, based on ego based behavior. But that will not get us anywhere if we constantly mirror a closed and cold heart. One must open their heart, RISK everything for this type of connection to make it work.

Once you realize that your fears have no basis in truth, the fear structure that you were built on will crumble. And then you can really live life. In honesty, truth and love.

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