What is this?

I’ve been following patterns that make no sense. Women teachers who sleep with their young male students is one. Police shooting black people for no reason is the other. The use of drones by the U.S. Military is another. The terror and fear promoted by the media outlets is another. Theres many other patterns that are part of this group that Im not including. All of these patterns have been increasing. What does that mean?

I would take each separate incident and look at it and it made no sense. But this morning it hit me. I was just waking up and they all connected. I stood back and looked at the broader picture. Fear and doubt are plaguing mankind. And all of these incidents are connected in that.

Now, conversely, I have been not really focusing on those things, but what is really happening now. Truth has been bubbling to the surface for the past 8 years. The banking scandal and the mortgage bubble burst. Julian Assange and Edward Snowden both play a crucial role to bringing truth out and I commend them for being so brave. Most recently, Ashley Madison website got exposed by hackers for all of the people cheating on their spouses. I agree with the hackers. Expose them. This is going to keep happening. Lies uncovered and truth exposed.

Then I add in the twin flame phenomenon. Im not only psychic with my twin but all twins I encounter. You cant lie to yourself, to your twin nor to other twins. We are hurtling towards a humanity that cannot lie, the energy wont allow it. This totally intrigues me.

Lets look at Donald Trump. He is fear personified. He’s always blaming someone else for making him look bad. He’s angry, he has bad opinions of Mexicans and promotes it by kicking them off his Miami property. He thinks Univision is evil and then attacks them on Twitter. He is afraid. He is so afraid and fearful that he is trying to run for President. His fear and big mouth would get us into 6 wars. And sadly, many Americans are attracted to him because they are fearful too. This could be a very ugly Presidential race. I hope truth and love shine through and keep us away from this sad person.

Fear and doubt are currently fighting love and truth. This is why things are so tense currently. The old regime of fear is being replaced by the ultimate regime of love. And so then we have this push and pull. I figured with Uranus square Pluto and the Cardinal Crosses of 2010-2012, this would have been taken care of completely. But no, we’re not done yet.

All lives matter. All marriage vows should be held in absolute regard and priority. All of these teachers should feel loved and all shady information should be unearthed and exposed. To get a society to operate in accordance of universal laws, it must be cleansed. This is what we’re experiencing. A divine cleansing.

This is a very special event that were experiencing. Im excited to be alive during this point in history.

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