Past Life Regression

I went and had a past life regression this past Sunday. Finally! I wanted to see where my twin showed up and also other things I should see. It was very similar to when I hypnotized myself a few months back and came up with a few visions: 1. That I was a black woman in the 40s from South Carolina who had a husband and was sitting at my daughters wedding. 2. That I was burned alive as a dog in a dog house by prankster kids. 3. I saw a field with my sister. 4. I was an Asian woman who knew how to use swords and wasnt happy with my life.

This time was more in depth. She walked me through the images where, on my own, I tried to speed things up to see more. She kept me in one place for awhile and I ended up seeing three lives. 1. I was with my twin in a field with 3 similar blue mountains and he kept smiling and we were having a picnic. He looked like Bo from Dukes of Hazard (no wonder I thought he was hot when I was a kid) in something they would wear on Little House on the Prairie and I was in a blue dress with a white apron and I want to say a bonnet?I had blondish reddish hair and freckles. She asked why he was smiling and I said because he wanted to marry me. So we did. We had a house in that field, perhaps built by our family. It was 1700s about and it was either Austria or Oregon. We had two kids and a jovial bearded man would come to hang out with us. I’m thinking it’s my landscaper or Scott, my twin friend from Vegas. All of a sudden I was flattened. All of the air in the field stopped and I could feel myself in a very tight space. I was dead. I had a brain aneurysm. She asked how the family dealt with it and I said there was a major imbalance after I left but they figured it out.

I end up seeing orange swirls. Then a white marshmallow that turned into a pillow. It was me. It was my soul in between lives. There were so many cool colors swirling. It was fantastic! I felt light and happy. It was so great.

My second life I recalled the Asian dream.. I was a Japanese woman with a sister and a father. He taught my sister and I how to use swords and my father is actually my neighbor now. Kinda funny. His name is Dragon in this life. I was showing her, the therapist, how he would tell us to protect our core and was swiping my hands in the air with invisible sword. It was coming back. Women werent supposed to be taught how to use swords I guess and he was a sword teacher for men. I have three Japanese swords in my house now. I have always liked them. I thought it was a better way to deal with someone than a gun. So then I end up marrying this pig of a man and he is disgusting and since it was arranged, I end up hanging with my gfs in town a lot while my husband cheats on me. Many of the towns people do some drug that I dont get involved in and live til I’m very old, peacefully, ALONE. There is one man at my husbands funeral that was waiting for him to die. Perhaps that was my twin. around 90 years old, I die in my sleep.

The third past life I could remember started smelling magnolia in a gorgeous garden. I was in France and my family was not only rich, but powerful and famous. We had a giant stone estate. My mother looked like Grace Kelly and my dad looked like a Ken doll. We had butlers and maids and I had three brothers and one sister. I didn’t want to leave. Despite everyone being emotionally detached, I really loved this life. I was thin, rich and had great skin. It was so easy. In fact, all of the lives were very easy. They werent stressful, they were happy, minus the Japanese one. I end up getting married to Frank, who I know in this life as an old best friend who was always asking me to marry him. I see my family and then they begin to squish into a brain shaped rock. Something falls on my head at 30 and I die. I end up writhing in the chair,”Why did you have to take me? Everything was NICE!!!!.”

She replies,”Well, this is the life you get to do a lot of work in.” I’m like,”Youre not kidding, sister.”

I will keep going back through my own hypnosis sessions. I wanted to see what she could do versus me. And it as mainly that she asked questions and made me look around instead of me just flipping to another life. Dying is great. It’s painless. It does free you. But I’m not suggesting suicide at all.

We’re here to do WORK and to get through all of these odd behaviors our wonderful parents instilled in us. I’ve been reading Osho’s How to Love with Awareness and Relate without Fear. First part of the book is drop what your parents taught you because it only hurts you. And it’s true.

What I found interesting about it was not only was I a plasma- like human for the next day but also that I was seeing other lives that I saw before, but in better detail. I want to make a timeline for where my soul was and when so that I can figure out how far I go back. That is way cooler than a family tree. WAY.

I always thought it was interesting that I was into all of these French things and it was because my ex-fiancee (before my twin showed up) was French. But it wasn’t. It was because my twin and I were French in a past life. And maybe the ex-fiancee is also part of our soul circle somehow. The ex-fiancee came into town recently and we had a chance to discuss Carcassonne because I needed to know more about it. This was where I remember saying goodbye to my twin before he got killed in a war. So he says to me,”’re silly. I already told you about Carcassonne! Don’t you remember?” And I’m He goes on to tell me the history of the town (he’s like a walking encyclopedia) and how the woman Lady Carcas threw a stuffed turkey with the remainder of what food they had left behind the wall as an act of rebellion to the King. I told him maybe we all knew each other in a past life since my twin LOVES my ex-fiancee so much. LOL. He thinks he’s a threat. This couldnt be further from the truth. There are no threats to who he is to me. That would be scientifically, metaphysically and energetically impossible to be any closer to a person than to my twin. And as time goes on, no one even gets close to how I feel for my twin. No one is even in the same Universe.

Currently, I’m in a position where I have to focus heavily on tasks at hand. I am taking another trip to the West in a few weeks and I’m doing Vegas/SLC and Yellowstone. I have a twin friend in Vegas and I’m hoping he will be part of my twin flames documentary. I know it’s hard to talk about and so this will be interesting as I fly all over the Earth getting interviews. I even have a stop over in my twin’s city for 3 hours. There was no flight back from Idaho Falls that didnt have this stop over.

I’m also getting back in shape. I started doing Kayla Itsines guides. 3.3 million women cant be wrong. Slowly, my booty is getting even more bubbly than before. I love it!

I watched Gone Girl and it made me laugh as I felt it was very similar to a twin flames relationship. If you do this, then I do that. Mirrors all over the place.

Getting super psyched to see what the end of September brings us! I think whatever it will be, it will be HUGE!

Wishing you all a lovely week



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