False twin

This comes up a lot and let me say this. There are people who write about twins who have lived it and then there are those who write about twins PRETENDING to know what they’re talking about because they want to be a twin.

Hey, what can I say, we’re the hot new trend. Find the other half of your soul and hit up Nobu! All the now kids are doing it! “Omg..like i found my twin flaaaammmmeeee! Like I feel so loved, like OMGGGGGGG!”

No. Just no.

I have a perfect situation that happily sandwiches into this. Michael. My exact copy. The one that ran from me because the discussions were too good and our energy is superior. Plus he has a live in gf that he hasn’t quite moved out from. Yea.

No. There is only one twin. One. Not three or two or four or five or eight or six. Or seven. Jesus fucking christ! YOU GET ONE TWIN FLAME PEOPLE!  ONE IS ENOUGH!

There seems to be many people that WANT a twin flame. Heh. Fun. Anyway. One cannot write about such a soul connection unless one has one. Its like me writing about meth addiction. I just cant do it. I could take a mighty stab at it, but I would fail on all aesthetic levels.

Let’s stop this right here. There is no such thing as a false twin flame. Just a person who wishes they had a twin that only has a soul mate.

*bows and walks offstage *

*the crowd goes wild with applause*

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