Runner/chaser cuteness

Each side has it’s opposite function. For a reason. Neither side can act the same or you would be back together fighting. Since separation is inevitable, each yin takes its part and yangs absorb theirs. One side pretends the other is dead, that the other doesnt matter, wont answer communication. The other side is completely serious about rekindling, tries to reach out and remind, and pours their heart out. Neither side is wrong. This has to happen to force separation, even if you both said you wanted to be together forever, even if you were engaged, even if you had a house, dog, kids. It doesnt matter!

As painful as this is, the energy between the twins doesnt just go away., Im gonna shut the door to the car, to the plane, move to India, date someone else and PRETEND theyre the one.  It doesnt matter. That energy is going to just keep pushing and pulling.

The rule for most relationships is dont listen to words, listen to actions. In twin flame relationships it’s different. Dont listen to words or actions, LISTEN TO THE SILENT ENERGY BETWEEN YOU. Both sides act out of ego, so words and actions are useless. The energy will illustrate truth of your souls and will be your indicator to where you are both at.

Now, runners or what is classified as the runner gets an egotistical charge from the chaser despite not being able to deal with them for one reason or another. However, chasers or what’s classified as a chaser, will eventually get sick of the game. I cant tell you how many of my twin friends are done with playing this game. Including myself.

Your twin wants to be reminded that theyre top dog. But what happens when you finally are tired and walk off? The other side flips the f out! Perfect of my twin friends other decides to call to “make sure it was the right (insert name) in their phone” Not to rekindle. Not to say I miss you, I love you.

This game happens in many different ways whether it be Internet, phone, pics online, even energetically with signs. Oh I saw this sign!! Oh, I heard this song!  Well, your twin thinks you’re forgetting them so they have to remind you somehow!!

I would suggest, and trust me, I have played this game times a million, that you don’t play it. Theyre off doing what they must, you are off doing what you must. If you answer and give your attention to these ego pulls, they will get what they want and you will get nothing. Im not saying dont send love. But this is classic non commitment handbook shizz. Do not answer the ego pulls. It will just disrupt your own focus on what you need to do.

Look at it this way. Your twin is in a different car than you during separation. If you lean over and drive their car, who is driving yours?

We’ve talked a lot about focus this week. So. Dont stalk your twin, dont give into ego pulls, keep your eyes on your road. If your twin wants to talk to you, they will make sure you know.

The word separation is as its definition. Stay separate until you both have gotten through the worst of it. Dont help them thru, trust me, theyre are capable of getting themselves thru. Theyre just scared and possibly lazy. Basically, its like starting from square one. Oh you like me? You get to go through the whole courting, waiting for sex, etc. They have to work for it or they wont respect and appreciate it.

Every part of separation happens for a reason. Its to balance energy. Runner and chasers switch positions, I’ve seen it first hand with a twin friend. Follow your gut. But you stay focused on you. You dont have time to play games. You’re busy building your own empire.

Please realize that all of the show, the new gf/bf, new wifey/husband, new kids..its all a show. A big pretend show. Its an illusion. They will always love you more than anyone. Its just easier to pretend, right? Its your job to know this to your bones. And do not get swayed by shows of whatever.

Illlusssiooonsssssss! They can be SO REAL. But illusions break and fade and only love remains.

Good luck

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