“Give her a hug for me”

Each week I have new, zany adventures with twins from all over the world. Sometimes, it’s with twins that didnt know they were twins. They didnt know there was a name for it. I came upon two this week, one of which I have known for years. Funny too, he was the answer to my first spell asking for the one. He is not my one. That’s why I redid the spell. He is someone else’s one.

So, I’m blown up from interviewing with the curator last Friday on Park Ave and I float out not knowing what to do next. It’s Friday. I’m in NYC. I don’t really party anymore, I own a house. It’s like having a child. But I want to explore the spot and I come upon CPK- California Pizza Kitchen. I walk in, a sweet gay man asks me,” Do you need a seat?” And I’m like,” I don’t know? You tell me!!” And we both laugh hysterically, me still trying to figure out what kind of place this is.

I thought it was a fast food take out. It is not.

I sit down at the bar and a nice lady Kathleen begins bubbling up. I’m in space so I start talking and of course we come upon the twin flame thing, I discuss all of the weird powers I’ve come to understand. And she tells me, he ex who passed ten years ago, she still talks to. I say: you talk to the air? She says: yea! I said: He can hear you.

Alls good, I’m giving out a business card and ask for my check. Kathleen wants none of my lobster flatbread, which is a cutthroat deal at $10.49. It was real lobster. I look up to the bar and on the left side of my face I hear it: “GIVE HER A HUG FOR ME” One sentence. I look down and think..she is not going to believe me. I say whatever and tell her.. I think your ex husband just said give her a hug for me. And she’s like OH MY GOD!!  And I get up and hug her and almost begin crying. I said after: I think he wanted me to come in here to talk to you. She said..Oh, he most definitely did!!

I walk out and begin crying. I am now becoming a medium for anyone who has passed and am now passing on cute little love messages from the afterlife. I feel like a puppet for ghosts and at the same time, just weird. That I can now hear these things is very odd. I’m still getting used to it.

I stand at the corner by the subway and all of life whooshes past. I feel energy pointing at me and this man looks at me. I give him a lighter. He lights his cigarette and gives it back. Not one word spoken.

The other twin (that is still in denial) ends up texting me. We have a very strange relationship of tension and relaxation that I dont usually have with people. Either way, I walk him through some of the basics and tell him ultimately, she didnt run from you, she ran because she didnt feel worthy. His first text that day was I dont really think it’s healthy to think of this as it coming to be again. I said I don’t make the structure to this relationship, I am just a messenger and a shoulder to cry on.

He doesnt want to talk about it.

I know, I know. It’s a lot to digest.

Each day, I am thankful for all of my new energetic gifts. This is helping clean stuff up and get stuff done much faster. Before I might question whether or not to take an opportunity based on experience, but I’m on a new level now, baby! I’m pristine! And there is nothing that I can’t do, so, batter up!

If I take anything from this week, it’s the essence of focusing on what you are doing and getting ahead in your own life. I plan on making my own little spot in the art world. Gallery by gallery, show by show. Exposure is not hard for me, it’s sitting inside and painting when it’s nice out. I guess it’s good it’s been humid.

My farm is doing well. Next experiments are growing tea and coffee.

I wish you all a lovely night 🙂

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