Biggest blog ever ever EVER

Whoaaaaaa! The energy is soooooo smooshy right now!! I have tears in my eyes.

OK. I am being hit with many concepts at once and this is why:


And I’m pulling from that.

In the beginning, I was psychic with people close to me, then my twin, then my twin friends and now, I almost feel like I’m psychic with everyone because I can read their energy. I can also talk to people telepathically and also talk to those who have departed.

I can feel all of you, individually, some easier than others, just by thinking about you.

There is an amazing amount of energy swirling right now to push us higher and get us out of the same routines and I feel it and it’s working.

That, or I’m going fucking bananas. LOL


We, as a collective consciousness are agreeing that there are no runner/chaser roles. If we see our energy as a collective energy, which is what twins really are, then we both are runners and chasers and then this negates either label. Instead, we believe twins repel each other like magnets during separation, on purpose. We ARE toxic to each other until we can balance our energy. (I will have to rewrite the stages with this new understanding.)

Why? Because if you mire yourself during separation with your twin, it will just hurt you and your growth as a single twin. Each path has to stay clear of the other until the time is correct to reunite.

I know my twin didnt want to leave me and I didnt want him to leave. We both knew we HAD to though. He was/is braver in keeping his mouth shut during this. I had my say at first, but we still talk energetically ALL THE TIME.

For example, I was sitting at work a few weeks ago and it hit me.. OMG! My twin is coming back to the East Coast! I told my secretary and she was like..are you sure? And I was like..yea..why would I feel it if it wasnt for sure? I didnt know why he would come back but I could feel it and I could feel him leave and how much the whole trip hurt him. I know it hurt cos I know how much it hurt for me to go to NYC last year.

I told friends at one point who were defiantly pushing me to come visit them that they would not see me up and around NYC for a serious period of time until I could handle it. So I didnt go to my friends’ places nor to another friend’s birthday. I didn’t care. I had to protect myself until I  was strong enough to handle it. The time that I did before that I ended up crying in bathrooms, bars, during the gay parade, the whole way home and for the next week straight. So yea, I know how much coming back to NYC hurts us both if we are apart.

Twins have to stay apart or they will hurt each other. Even deeper: If you take the focus off your twin and put it back on you, better things come and you heal quicker.

So no blame can be laid on one or the other as they are the same entity. I spoke of it just an hour ago on Tumblr about how we are a constant mirror. So much so that it goes so fast that we can pick up energetically on the others feelings. I cant read his mind word for word and thank God. I don’t want to. But we are a collective of energy that constantly mirrors and that’s how I know these things. Sure, it’s freaky. Take it a step further, this is why twins can’t lie to each other. It’s like a blip in the Matrix when they do. Your head cocks and you just go huh? You know. We know. We’re each other.

The collective consciousness is also so tightly woven, now, so it seems that regular people are having a hard time lying to others. We’re all becoming more psychic, arent we Mr. Lee 😉 Because if we are all part of this, then we are all the same energetic entity.

I was surprised to see that in past lives I was a dog and a tree. I didnt think something like that could happen but what is really the difference of any matter? Not much. We all vibrate, we exist.

I have been having an amazing two weeks and it’s because I’m relenting to what the Universe wants for me, which is to be totally focused on myself and to be productive and happy. I’m surrounding myself with those that are showing little resistance to my energy while not paying so much attention to those who are resistant. So many people get upset (including you know who) about losing friends. But don’t get upset. It is not meant to be if there is this resistance. Even I lost a friend of over 20 years this year to this resistance. I love her but she is not as involved with my life as she was. As true for the plant world, is true for the human world: prune off the dead and new growth occurs.

I did an hour of thanking things in my life last night. GRATITUDE HOUR. The more I am thankful, the higher I vibrate and the easier it is to read this collective consciousness. Currently, I am thankful for all of the people who do support me daily, including my twin (I told you were not fighting, kitten) and the fact that I can write this on a computer vs a phone. Haha.

I started an affirmation page. go check it out. We as humans need uplifting and these are just reminders. is where you can find that.

The messenger that had so much to tell me two weeks ago I saw again at my laundromat. I saw her child first and I smiled at him and he smiled back. She keeps insisting on me giving her my hone number and it feels wrong and so I will not. Something is very distressing about her energy, like she needs help.

ALSO! Many twins that I speak to have not discussed with their twin that they are twin flames. My twin KNOWS that we are twins. And we spoke of separating a few times saying we would never leave each other. But WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE AS TWINS BECAUSE ALL OF US HAVE TO. We HAVE to. There is no choice if the energy is not balancing. We KNOW this. This does not change whether we know the stages or not. It is mandatory. So understanding this, please don’t place blame on your twin. Neither side is in balance.

As I go through this amazing awakening, I am getting lighter. The things that used to bother me no longer do. I am looking at new ways to deal with annoyances and bumps and obstacles. As we awaken, we are freer to be ourselves and less our ego. My ego still snaps back sometimes as this conditioning still hasnt been fully retrained, but I am reworking the way that I react to things and it is slow and steady progress. As I progress, as WE progress, we walk closer to love and away from fear. 🙂

2015: the year of the microbe, of non-resistance, of better balance, of love and of collective consciousness.

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