Instagram keeps giving. An artist on the feed page posted a picture of the exact location where I said goodbye to my twin 800 years ago. IMG_20150702_113025This hill, only 20 ft. from the tractor is where he rode off on a horse while wearing armor and left behind were myself and our daughter. How do I know this? I saw a vision the first time he said he loved me. I saw the exact place. It was such a strong emotion when he said it that it brought me back to this spot and I remembered. Did I ever think I could find the castle? I never attempted. It found me, instead.

I’ve seen many castles while driving through Europe. I’ve always had a thing for stone rooms. I never put it together until Friday when this girl posted this. I was skeptical and looked at hundreds of other castles. Nope..none are situated just like this one. Its the same spot! I can’t believe it, it’s crazy!

Being a twin flame brings you very many weird gifts that would have probably not come to you if you hadnt met them. Mine comes in visions and patterns. I have many visions that still arent linked to anything.  They are from other lives other than this medieval one that I get visions from.

I looked up the town, this castle, which is Château Comtal and the history and there was a fight there in 1209 in August. It wasnt even under French rule yet! Visigoths. Thats how long ago this took place.

Ive been meaning to get my past life regressions done. I have to begin this soon. I wonder what it would be like if two people, maybe twins, got regressions done and saw the same lives. They would have to. Each one shared it. This only makes me more curious.

This understanding has changed so much in this life for me. I just went down to Atlantic City last night. The last time I was down was a few months before he and I collided/began our awakenings. I think back to that time, staring out to sea from 20 floors up and wondering what the use of any of this is. It was calm. Nothing made sense.

Now things make sense.

I had a middle man spirit/ messenger talk to me last weekend. She latched right onto me in a clothing store line. She touched what I was buying and said, “You have very strong energy and I have something I have to tell you. Someone is trying to get in touch with you. With the letter J” We walked outside and had a 20 minute chat. She said a lot in that 20 minutes, but nothing I didnt already know.

It keeps happening. It keeps coming to me. The energy through any means possible. I got you. I hear you. It is understood.

The more you believe that it is all in perfect fit, that everything works as it should, the more you trust in the Universe,  the less you fight it, the more it unfurls. I talk to non-twins and they think Ive lost it. Thats fine. Im not concerned about that.

My concern is putting all the puzzle pieces together for both myself and all of you as best as possible. We’re constructing an invisible map of all of existence, do you want in? It’s going to take awhile. Look at how long it took me to find the castle. .806 years. I don’t care. I have plenty of time.

Less fighting intuition, trust what is in your life, what surrounds you. Its all there for a reason. Just embrace it.

We’re all protected and safe. And together.

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