Rainbows of color

The lyrics to this song are very twin flamey. This song also reminds me of my dog Hope who passed away and reincarnated and pushed the soul out of our little dog Kiki to be with our family for an extra 5 years. Kiki is Hope. In fact many of my animals decided to reincarnate into something close to our family. Our dog Destiny became our cat Mamma. It took me ten years to realize it. I saw it in a picture..the eyes..the stance. So similar. So funny. My cat Two became Daddy and Daddy now lives with me. Also took ten years to understand. It was in the eyes, again!

Now Im having soul recognition with people too. Seems that my landscaper and my fertilizer guy are in a tight soul circle with me and I cant figure out how. The landscaper is super nice, gives me free truckloads of grass and I talk to his nephew who passed into another life and also am his witch doctor. Mike the fertilizer guy and I have had a connection for a few years and then I go flipping through 20 year old pics and there he is, in my ex boyfriends band. Shut up! No way! The landscaper and Mike have known each other for 30 years. Mike and I were born 25 hours apart, 30 minutes away so we have the same transits, Im just one house ahead. Meaning..everything happens to me first before him. There is something between the three of us and it just keeps going but I did explain this to them.

Im not sure what is the next thing except that I have been doing amazing amounts of clutter removal. If I dont need it, it goes and wow have I thrown a ton of stuff out. Understanding Im better off lighter, Im trying to purge as much as possible.

Today was a big day. Tuesday had the same energy…BIGGGG ENERGY! There’s shifting going on! But today’s bigness unites so many souls with hope and love. There is a rolling blanket of love unfolding, it feels. And I am just unbelievably happy because I got to experience this day! I feel the same love that so many others do, so much, that I dont feel like I am living just as myself anymore. I am beginning to lose my edges and become almost a vaporous broth of a human, absorbing others in, absorbing other energy. Even the button to publish this is rainbow!!! Omg!

At 10:07 a.m. I sat in the car, futzing with my phone before I got out and NPR made the special announcement. “Breaking news, this just came through the wire..” I totally fucking lost my shit and started texting friends.

We ARE all connected. I’m beginning to understand this now. I feel what millions are feeling. Pure joy šŸ™‚ Pure love.

Things are shifting so much. It’s a giant circle that never ends. But realize, everything’s OK. Everything is perfect in the chaos. There’s an underlying weave that ripples and pulsates. I felt it today. It was nice

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