Ok.   Lets start with what we know and then add some useful new perspectives to the mix.

1. There needs to be an energy balance between twins.

2. Separation is essential and inevitable, doesnt matter how “enlightened” you are.

3. Separation is an illusion beginning at humans being separate from each other and tumbling down to twins separating but only physically

4. Anything you chase will run. Except hornets, theyll just chase you back. Those bastards.

5. Tumblr is a horrible platform to write minibooks on only to reblog and the thing disappears.

6. WordPress on mobile is not far from Tumblr.

7. There is no such thing as a false twin, more than one twin flame (per couple) or evil forces or demons.

Lets open that last one up.

It seems that online there is confusion about how the Universe works and so lets step back a second and really eliminate humans as we are the beginning and end of (fill in the blank).

Without us, there are animals, plants, spirits, perhaps gods, insects, minerals. Where does evil come in? Sure, there is fear for only survival sake. A rabbit doesnt want to get eaten by a snake. (Now we’re rhyming.) But, in reality, humans have come up with the term and essence of “evil”. In nature, all is natural. There can be love, there can be fear, there can be confusion, but there is no such thing as hate or evil. Hate is love turned inside out. Hate basically is hurt. Do you hate anything that you dont CARE about? No. Why? Because you dont care about it. Then there is indifference. So the same applies for evil. Replace evil with confusion and now we’re getting places.

People discuss demons and bad spirits all over the place. Guess where those ” demons” lie? They lie in your mind because you have made them up! Mass murderer kills people. Is he evil or just really fuckin confused?

Confused people dont allow love to flow. And that is why they are considered evil. They dont have love or compassion in their eyes because, in essence, they dont love themselves. They are cold and mean and do horrible things because they arent connected to the love, to the source of all life.

People are concerned about demons. This could also be considered delusions. Distortions in perception. No one is after you. No demons follow you around. Sure, is there “rough” energy? Yes! I have had many a rough day where it felt as if the energy was too sharp, things were off..etc. There’s a reason for that.

We were just discussing online how astrology has a lot to do with how universal time plays out. I added my theory about how astrology in general is basically a constantly moving Akashic Record (and then it got erased, thx Tumblr). It is the Akashic Record in motion and that we really don’t have very much free will when it comes to that. astrology is in its infantile form as there may be many more planets stars and nodes that we are not accounting for along with aspects and therefore don’t understand the full map of how we are universally being placed.

Step back again and think about stars and dust and oxygen and water. Do you think that any of these things have demons or bad vibes? No of course not. These are all naturally occurring objects in the scientific world that we’ve placed them in.

We have invented a world of Zombies and demons and bad spirits all because there needs to be a reason to have fear. These are inventions of the human mind to scare people very much like how people used to be very afraid of witches. Do a Google search and come up with the definition of a Wiccan, which means a person who worships mother nature and the earth. It doesn’t have a picture of the green witch from The Wizard of Oz sitting there crumbling her hands together saying that she’s going to kill your dog. Again inventions of the human mind.

Very similarly, fears on any level are illusions, much like the one that tells us we are separate from our twins. I dont believe we are. And because of that, it gets confusing because they so easily mirror out our insecurities.

We can feel fear and pain but any of it is a lesson that we have to heal something that is still considered a wound whether it be understanding or perception or a deeply ingrained false core belief. We are humans. We arent taunted by spirits. We only taunt ourselves.

This is why it is so important to take time during separation to accept and realize what is your responsibility in your twin flame relationship. What behaviors have you exhibited that could be cleaned up? What isnt tight and what is lacking? What demons within your mind must you exorcise? What imbalanced energy pushed your twin away?

There also seems to be this rambling concept of more than one twin flame/the false twin flame. What is a false twin flame? They only mirror you at night? You only feel their energy while they sleep? They seem like a twin flame but really they’re a coyote? What is this?! You know if you met your twin because they will be THE ONLY exact mirror to all of your stuff, be it love or fear. Also, please, if anyone has two twin flames, please email me right at this moment because I want to meet the three of you!  A twin is the other half. I will not pooh pooh the idea that there are many spirit “shards” or soul groups that you get along with,/soul mates. I don’t think that anyone could handle more than one twin flame. I can tell you, truthfully, after being through it: ONE IS ENOUGH!

There’s a reason for everything. After watching so many perfectly executed patterns, I know this is not just merely luck or chance. All is written. And for a reason.  To get you higher in the spiritual world. To help you ascend.

And you and your twin (not plural, not the false will both do it energetically. If one does something, the other does too. Dont worry about them, worry about you. Otherwise the process just slows.

Be what you want your twin to be. Keep focusing.

Dont worry about demons. They dont exist. Confused people do. Delusional people do.


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