Glittery Future Energetic Diamonds

Oh my! Do you all feel that energy in the past day?! Very strong energy!

I met a twin last week at a party who was still in the beginning of separation. He even was still in the blaming his twin for all of her problems. I kinda just looked at him and told him about working on core beliefs and he was very interested in it for himself. I said good, your energy will match hers, innately. And then I said I will get in touch soon. But I dont have his info. He has mine. Not to worry..all twins are psychic with each other.

I have been practicing a new tactic called “what do I want my future self to be like,” also referred to as future regression. I read about it in a Brian Weiss book that I started and never finished. It is weird because I don’t usually sit around thinking of this and perhaps I should have long ago. Probably would have squashed many of my own bad habits.

I think it brings a new perspective to things. If I want to be an artist, to be thin, to not be a hot mess, I have to do something about it NOW. Not in a week or a month. I have been doing a vegetable cleanse and lost two pounds since yesterday. I also went biking this morning. Why? I have a wedding to attend September 20th! I need to get in tight shape for this! Something very big is going to happen at the wedding.

I had something alarming happen last week and it has continued into this week. Two people made plans with me, a week apart 9/20 and 9/27. The last time this happened was in March of 2011. I was invited to six art openings/parties in one week. We then lost our biggest client and a giant earthquake/tsunami hit. There was an amazing amount of energy involved with this shifting that began to tremor months before. This is showing similar patterns because after the guy invited me to the second party, I see online that some goofy reverend was calling for cataclysmic change that week 22-28. And then I find the conspiracy theorists are feeling the same.. SAME WEEK. Yesterday I get a call from someone I havent heard from in 5 months asking me if something was going to happen in August/September, specifically 15-23. I said YES and he said CRAP. I did calm him, reassuring him it was necessary that the energy do what it must. So now we have hot points. 15-23, 22-28, 20, 27. Something will probably happen 22-24.

And I didnt even check the moon schedule. Ok.. first quarter is 21st, full moon is 28th. So 3 days before, but it may be a 4 day. I’m going with the 24th. Let’s see how this plays out.

UPDATE: I had my mom send me this after I discussed it with her. We also have eclipses on BOTH the 13th (partial solar) and the 28th (total lunar)


This should be an amazing time for movement all over the world.


I watched Holy Mountain last night and I think it’s so funny because I end up watching/ reading things, almost as clues or guides to what is next. The movie is basically (lol- basically) about getting over your fears to reach yourself/God/Source energy. The core. The Holy Mountain is where people release and confront their fears and realize, they are illusions.

As twins, we are each other’s Holy Mountain. We pull alllll of the gunk out of each other, even from afar, re-instilling the core and breaking it apart over and over until it can become solidly put back together with no fear and no doubt.

My twin and I have gone through so much fighting for a year and I couldnt figure out how to stop it. And then I did. I just said, I’m not gonna fight with you anymore. I love you. Go do what you must.

In separation it is so hard because we see things we dont like and get our buttons pushed but it is a good way (from a distance) to work your problems out. Mine continually pushes mine, unintentionally, but I am now used to it. It doesnt bother me anymore and the effect has worn off. I know why he’s doing it. He doesnt even realize he is doing it. It is not a choice, I don’t think. It is just how twins naturally repair each other’s problems. Through illumination. If it hurts, it’s not healed. Just keep pushing buttons and we will get through it. Why? Because no matter what, love is at the core of it all.

Each thing that feels crappy, each thing that sucks has a cleansing effect. This is how diamonds are made. Pressure so strong, that only the love remains. The enormous force that you feel daily in separation is essential for your rock to become a gem. Daily we shift like a crust of earth or a plate moving. Sometimes it really hurts, sometimes it’s not so bad.

Today, it’s not so bad. It’s good. Things are moving. I’m not stopping until I am a diamond.

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