I’m dancing with exotic destruction in my eyes.

Worlds are formed everyday through the destruction of other worlds. The dust,  the minutia, the particulate are necessary as base. Same is true for any plant. The dead must be pruned off to refocus intention and energy saved for building anew.

My exciting experiment is turning dirt that wont even grow weeds into fertile soil. Two years ago nothing would grow or permeate the 150′ x 100′ backyard of clay that I own. Think about how large that is. Its fucking huge.

Let’s discuss EM-1 again as I see it as a miracle and the basis for how I deal with “stuff.” Its a mixture of millions of microbes, molasses and lactobactili strain as well as many other “fun things.” You can make your own through a fermenting process of veggie scraps, alcohol, sugars and rice water. Just dont forget to air it out once a day, the container will explode. I made my own version today. Regular Em-1 is expensive. 25$ per 1/2 liter.

The way Em-1 through Em-5 is made is a breakdown process, similar to bokashi composting or making compost tea which is then sprayed on whatever needs aerobic microbial “attention.” Anything it lands on gets a boost of microbes and good bacteria that really help all plants,  trees and soil. Em-1 is not the only method I have used to break this clay up. My neighbor and landscaper drop their grass at my place and I move it to the yard and till it in. Without this organic help,  I would not have grass this year. Or seeds I planted two years ago finally sprouting. It’s been hours and hours, sometimes 18 a weekend, sometimes hand digging for 10 at a time to make this all possible. Constant analysis is necessary for a true assessment of the situation.

What is the point? I take dead things and let them do what they want and they make things live. Through their destruction, it causes many chain reactions which make up growth.

The same holds true for a twin flame separation.

We are in Em-1 fermentation process,  breaking apart the dead and eventually ready to make things grow again. That destruction process is so necessary to produce very gorgeous and lively results. My whole yard is DARK green from all of this stuff breaking down!! Not wanky light green.

Wishing you all the best in your breakdown. Just keep breaking until you get down to core and source. It IS for a reason.

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