Batting 1,000

LURVELY!!!! 1,000 hits since January. All from my twin.. haha..just kidding, he only hit it up 750 x.

I would like to take one moment to thank all of my fellow twins who have written and expressed their twin issues to me, helped me with my twin issues and to other blogs/comments which I read, analyzed, synthesized, etc.

As I step out of the periphery, things move. I have noticed patterns that perhaps I have not conveyed on here and that’s because I was hardcore blogging on Tumblr alone before I deleted it. One thing I noticed was that there seems to be a GPS situation with twins where they and their twin will go back and forth to two locations during the course of their lives. And generally speaking, these spots are very far from each other. I’m not sure what the function of this is, I just know it happens with most twins.

I have also noticed with myself and the others (my close twin flame friends) that we tend to get very frustrated and flustered before we make it to a new level of understanding. Like a puppy getting upset as it tries to climb stairs, crying and growling at the stair, then making the jump. The relief comes after the jump.

There seems to be so many levels of understanding and also coming to know your true self. It is an onion layer peeling situation. Pull back, pull one off, new skin is exposed and gets tanned. All on a quest to reach the center.

Some words that pull me out of despair with this silly and ridiculous tf life: Intention, source, calm, progression, connection.

We see through our eyes after we begin to embark on this journey as not only our new selves, more aware, but the old one, with ego intact. I MAY KNOW that x, y and z exist, but my old mind training will fight them, ego will take over and still get upset anyway. I think this will pass in time. For example: I may know my twin and I arent ready, that this is meant to be as it is and will unfold in time, yet this does not stop me from screaming out “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!”

It’s two sides of yourself fighting for territorial space of your mind and emotions. Calm Debbie is not pissed off Debbie. And pissed off Debbie doesnt like that. You get used to being who you are after almost 40 years and then, boop, you cant be that person anymore. I LIKE intensity and volume and edge. But new Debbie doesn’t. She likes COMPLETE SILENCE.


I wrote a blog on Tumblr awhile ago about intention guiding your behaviors. This is super important because when you keep intention in mind, this will change how you react to everything. Again, ninja training isnt simple and the ego being scraped out like a cantaloupe HURTS. That is your defense system! What will defend me then?! You don’t need a defense system when you come to the bright light and it tells you, there is nothing to fear and nothing to doubt.

This is such a hard trip for so many reasons. Trying to explain to non-twins that there is this other person bopping around with the other half of your soul does not fly well in any case that I have experienced so far. Especially in new love interests who immediately get defensive and scared. “You just still have feelings for them!” I wish it was that easy..hahaha. I won’t discuss my current feelings as no matter what, they really don’t change. And as a twin you know, I know that even if your running twin had a knife at their throat, they would say they don’t care. “I don’t care! Who are you talking about? I already forgot about them!” (BWAHAHAHAHA)


Instead, let’s play this game for separation’s sake as we really only get anywhere in this ascension game whilst apart.


I love how people say “You are given a gift!”

“Oh, thank you! Would you like a giant sword up your ass as a return gift?!! Or perhaps a lobotomy?!”

I never asked for this “GIFT” And it seems that I can’t take it back. And neither can any of us. Instead, a word from my twin friend who I was on the phone with last night: “Just let it go, cut ties as best as you can and get a margarita and jump in the pool!!! Join the party and be happy!!!” (I taught him well) (I quit drinking so make mine a virgin) You have got to live your life well.

I have also noticed that now, I can talk to the other side. And people keep asking me to contact the other side and I keep getting different visions between my neighbor’s friend who was laughing after he passed to my sister’s cat coming back as a football-shaped animal, like a pig or duck. The other side is not this mystical place. It is right here, in front of you, you just can’t see it. There is the thinnest veil and it is very easy to get to that side. Just ask and it will return you answers.

And similarly, I am psychic now with everyone, animals and everything including the source herself or so it seems. Maybe understanding and accepting of the fact that I AM the Universe as are you and everyone else helps break an illusion that I’m not connected and allow the information in? I can pick up things from a distance- a few thousand miles to the energy coming from the outer galaxies sending beams our way. It is far off, but it sends me messages now. There is a wall that is holding things currently, but that wall will break and almost a new era of cool stuff (Probably more truth and awareness) will rain in June- Sept. Waiting, waiting, waiting.


Parting thoughts: I’m horny and would like to make out with someone. No, really..

Your trust in the Universe and it’s plan for you is really important. Faith is essential to understanding and illuminating patterns. There are going to be many obstacles that aren’t obstacles but until you get over them, you won’t know that. Instead, focus on doing what you like to do. It is important you love yourself to the max during this process. What does that mean? Listening to your gut and focusing on the things that you like to do. Twin has got to move to the side during this. Keep them in a box in your freezer or closet if necessary. (Energetically, not physically.) Keep integrating new things that you wanted to try. The more you test boundaries on your own/ take risks, the stronger you become. You need to have utmost faith in yourself.

Everyone have a nice day.

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