Everything is touching itself

I wrote a blog years ago on my blog “How Do You Spell Grey/Gray?” titled the same as above. It became a poem, non-linear and confusing. There can be a bit of that with this relationship.

If you know you are a twin, you are presented with signs and symptoms and then the 10 commandments of twinflameship: thee almighty stages. You don’t understand why in stage 3 crisis or stage 1 pure love why stage 4 separation exists. You just know it does. You cant even begin to fathom how fucked up it can get until you experience it.

But, as you get through other stages it does begin to make sense. Ah..I couldnt have understood x,y and z if we didn’t separate. I think the main problem is perception. You perceive your twin as one thing, they shift based on dirty mirroring and this turns into a whole new ballgame. Then you perceive them as something completely different.

There’s  something that many dont highlight during this and that is having faith in the system. Whether you want to see your twin again or not, all signs point to yes. This isnt something many can consider as “enough.”  Having faith. But seeing it from the inside out, I see it as a fucked up joke played on us by the Heavens. You can see your twin again after you’ve not only gotten over them but have totally made a new life for yourself away and aside from them. Some dwell on their twin and I feel that is unhealthy. You’re separated to work on yourself. The Universe wants it this way. So why are u wasting time worrying about them?

Don’t! Don’t bother! Because they are the energetic mirror of you. It is made to look like a break up to keep you sane and move you along..ON PURPOSE. We all know that purpose. To fix what failed during the relationship, to become confident and productive and to excel spiritually. You are not going to accomplish this if you are stalking/watching/worrying about your twin.

Im a great multi-tasker but my mind is generally only able to think about one thing at a time. And do you know where its at? Not on my twin/his life/his antics. No. That is a black hole that will suck your life energy away!

My mind is on how all of these dots connect and what I focus on grows larger.The people in my life now, the things I do, where Im moving, biking tomorrow, new guy poems, energetic balancing, design, landscape. The possibilities and small nuances of what is growing now supercedes past pain. Beautiful shit!!!

It is when you walk away from the shit tornado that your twin and you started and you both work in separate corners to get your balance correct that they will follow you. You are peaceful, they are peaceful. They will mirror you internally and innately. Not even trying. So if you want something from them, do it yourself. Become the wish. Become the energy.

I didnt understand a lot of things until I began to unravel this mess during separation. I am peaceful now. There is no need to worry or doubt. Things begin when you reposition the mirror back to yourself. That is when magic occurs when you are apart. Look at yourself and really be honest. Would you date you? And if not, why not? Would you match what you used to consider the pinnacle of being that you wanted to attract? What is missing and how can you balance that?

Be honest with yourself but be gentle and work slow and things will improve. 2015..the year of yourself. Get as many issues worked out as you can.

Im finding the people that come to me are not only mirrors of what I feel I deserve but also we are entwining and relating differently than before I had a twin. My behaviors have changed and so, therefore, so have the results. I’m not gonna jump down a throat like I used to. I will be weirdly quiet for my own needs and to make sure all is flowing correctly. I take a lot more time before I react to anything. I will review octaves of intention within milliseconds whereas before I was just confused thinking everyone wanted the same thing from me. Things are nothing like they used to be. This is twin flame separation working. There are great lessons in being alone.

Have faith in dark times. We are all in this together. Me, you, all of our twins and the Universe. Everything is connected.

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