My first healing stone experience

I spoke with my childhood friend John about doing the chakra bowl meditation with me and he told me about this time he saw into his past life in a shop touching a giant piece of amethyst. “Deb, you need a big one not a little one.I started crying and the yogis in the store started staring at me.” (Yes, I know how that feels..the past life pain. It’s very deep.) I trust John down to the bone as we have been friends for forever and he is just one of the best energies I know. We get along very well. And I’ve never looked into healing with stones before, so I figured I’d give it a whirl.

I came into my local stone shop and looked at the different healing qualities of the bigger stones and ended up buying a Heulandite the size of my hand and a decent sized purple amethyst. Well..since I was driving, I figured I would try the Heulandite and see if just holding it would do anything while chanting my intention. It is to release emotions, bad habits and a whole gamut of stuck energies, strangely of which all I possess. Immediately I felt energetic holes push through from my head down to my lower back and I began to cry. I reassured myself that this was OK, that there is nothing to fear, that letting go of the past is a good thing and I felt lighter. I became a piece of swiss cheese and new energy was pushing through old places where it didnt before. This moved into my arms. It was wild! I cant imagine what would happen say I were to actually meditate with it.

Why does it pain us to let go when after we do, we feel better? We are stronger after getting over that obstacle that holds us back. Why do we fight it so much?

My day was interesting. I went to a funeral in Queens and had to explain to someone who didn’t speak English that I spoke to his dead father and reassured him he is OK. The message got through. I hugged the son for what had to have been 5 solid minutes and he cried and felt better after. He was smiling and joking after. It’s hard to let go, I know.

There’s another story but I’ll be modest for now. That included very strong energy as well. 😉

I am looking forward to this new energetic land and all of the opportunities and people who are coming into my life now. I’m also looking forward to more stone healing experiments.

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