In an effort to look into my past lives before I go and get a past life regression, I decided last night that I would do my own form of self hypnosis. It was very interesting. I was in bed for an hour and I saw four different lives that I lived small chunks in pieces and I’m not sure which one was the most interesting. Perhaps the shortest one..I was a dog who was  burned alive in a doghouse by some children and this is what brought me out of the hypnosis. I ended up crying. This may be why I’m claustrophobic.

I spoke with a therapist today for a good hour about my own problems and also my twin and our union as much as what was relevant and I came to three different conclusions. One was that she wanted an exorbitant  amount of money for a two hour session. The second conclusion was that she was not fit to handle me. She said something very interesting to me and I spoke with another twin about it tonight and what she said was this: “Just because you have a twin flame does not mean that it’s meant to be.”  Now I can sit here and really take this sentence apart, but when she said it and I didn’t digest it I let it go and said “Okay, I understand.” But what I meant to say was, ” Okay, you don’t seem to get this. You are really not a twin flame and therefore you cannot counsel me.” Which leads me to the third conclusion that perhaps I should become a counselor for twin flames because it doesn’t seem like there are many out there. This whole world of twin flame mechanics and mechanisms totally enthralls me. I spoke to a few twins tonight and they said it may be a good idea. So, a door opens.

I’m  really excited for spring. This one is a new life compared to last year’s bleak and miserable one. I wont expand but wow..I’m so much happier I am where I am now than where I was then. Twins cant prosper in a confused and distant together state. They can only grow and progress in separation. There’s a lot more appreciation involved.

I wish you all a lovely lunar eclipse 🙂

2 thoughts on “hypnosis/counseling

  1. I agree. When I first started going through separation & having a hard time, I had several friends suggest therapy. But I knew what they would all say, it is what my friends & family say, it is what the woman you saw said. They have not experienced this nor are they trained to deal with such cases. Therapist deal with the mind, therefore are too logical to properly understand something so emotional & spirit based.

    Sounds like a good idea for you. We need more twins who aren’t so… What’s the word I want…. Stuck up? I have noticed a lot of the ones who claim to want to help, tend to preach “we are the best, and it is our way or you aren’t twins!” Which is ridiculous! Each pair’s story is unique. Okay I’m starting to ramble so I’m going to stop now.

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    • I think the twin flame world needs as much light and understanding as possible. The therapist’s comment really hit me as off after I processed it and just opened this realm up.

      Thanks girl!!


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