small epiphany

While reading this book I seem to be remembering other things and I had a dream last night about a previous boyfriend who has given me a lot of trouble in this life. I will not talk to him any longer and havent since he stole money from me. He and I were friends for 7 years and I think we dated twice during this. He is bipolar. He is also my ex husband from another life. He likes to thrive on the complete opposite of love. Confusion, pain and fear.

Boundary intact, I will psychically pass this information onto him, that the debt has been paid and that we are cut. I forgave him awhile ago. Maybe he will heal. He was in pain because he kept asking me to marry him for most of those 7 years, always burned by the rejection because we were so close. He couldnt understand it. Perhaps he can move on now.

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