I see you’ve found me.

You always find me. That is your job. That is our job. To find the other and reconnect us. The puzzle is coming together more now than before.

I’m reading Many Lives, Many Masters and things are connecting and paralleling my life with what sticks out. The more I know about my past lives, the more I talk to my twin friends and ever since I met my twin, its been unfurling. Connection to everything in the Universe.

As a scientifically-based woman, I felt before there was death and no afterlife. No continuance. I could never explain the triangle between my mother my sister and I who when the two of them would  manifest something in their minds, I would bring it into the physical. Twice this happened. First they manifested an elephant around Christmas 3 years ago, thinking: where would an elephant come from? I bought my sister a glowing metal elephant for her garden and they both screamed when she opened it. Or the fireflies they manifested before Mother’s Day when I bought my mom white cut off jeans w embroidered fireflies. Or why I hear 500 year old songs that make me burst into tears. Or why I remembered my twin from one of our past lives right before he said I love you in this life.

That was the point the door opened. And as that door opened and allows this pattern through, more things connect. As more connects, I can remember more. In this book they speak about the woman becoming more psychic. This is happening to me too.

Patterns between the twins are amazing. Our others act up around the same time. There are similar pulls and pushes. We seem to all gain the same knowledge at the same time. I know were all interconnected. I really need to go see someone about regressing me backwards.

I want to know the whole thing. From the moment our energy was ignited. I want to know each lifetime I’ve lived and who I was and who he was. Just to see who we’ve  been. How many times have we had to do this? We look all of our lives for this person and find them and they run away or we send them off. It’s unbelievable. And all of the souls that follow us from life to life just changing status. My mom thinks I used to be her mother.

The book isnt giving timeframes but I’m feeling like it’s not longer than a few weeks to be reincarnated. That means by now at least ten people and animals that I have watched pass are back on this planet, reborn in. With my dog Hope who died and reinserted herself into our dog Kiki, it only took two weeks. Why would it be any different with people? Idk.. I DONT KNOW YET BUT I WILL FIND OUT!!!


My aunt said something very prophetic that stuck out before I met my twin. It was at Easter and we were talking about animals and when she said it, it was a sign (because I had already asked for him) and I was completely reassured. She said, “You dont find them. They find you.” Sent a chill through me.

You found me. You keep finding me

Keep finding me.

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