The bunny and the guy

I had a series of strange dreams which lead me to coagulate them into a twin flame blog post.

The first dream I had, my dog, a hound had to go out. I also had another dog hat looked like a fox. They both got along with my cats. So, the dog had to go and I ran him out to the yard and as I did, as it was dusk, nearing total darkness, a black bunny hopped in my direction. The dogs were frantically barking at her but she didn’t notice. She just kept hopping to me. I got nervous and it took me a minute to gather it: she was blind and deaf. She was going based on smell and she wanted to see what I was. I got the dogs away from her and the dude who was at my house said: you should take her in. Actually, he said it in some very strange language putting it,” Open thine arms to all animals, you should.”

The bunny had no fear because she couldnt see or hear.

The second dream was of my friend from childhood, let’s call him “Guy.” My twin met this person when we were at Starbucks and gave him a look after he left saying,”I think he REALLY likes you.” Guy actually loves me, and has for a very long time. HE was my neighbor who I used to steal paint with as a teenager and he would mow our lawn. He lived two houses down.

What my twin didnt pick up on was the following. Guy and I were friends for years and I ended up going to the same college as him. I barely even saw him in college and we lost touch at one point until he bought a painting off of me ten years later. We added each other on Facebook. He would always send me weird texts at night but wouldnt always respond and I couldnt make sense out of it. As a kid he was very upbeat and outgoing and was fun to hang out with. The next time we hung out, fifteen years later something had changed. Guy had adoptive parents and they used to beat and scream at the two kids, so loud, you could hear it two houses down. I would always ask him if everything was ok and he would say,”he’s just a jerk off.” The father even said something mean to me once about being as intelligent as he could throw me. I didnt say anything, nor did I take it personally. Everyone knew this father Guy had was a dick.

Guy was different and he finally opened up about it. He said,” You made it, you kept doing the art and I didn’t. And now you’re having gallery shows.I haven’t done anything in ten years! I can’t get that far!” I said “Well, it’s never too late, you can too!” I tried bringing him to art night that my friends and I would have once a week or to galleries or to shows I had that I could introduce him to people and he would never come or respond. He still hasnt even come to my house. I asked him to come over a year and a half ago.

The dream I had was what if I could “put a spell” on Guy to feel worthy.

Add that to the deaf/blind bunny and you have a blog

I will say the following to you..pretend this weekend that I did put a spell on you that makes you worthy. Worthy of everything you desire and dream about. What would change? How would you feel and how would you act differently? What things in your life would get better?

I wanted to do this for Guy in my dream, so that he would participate, be happy, come over, live life again, get involved with art again.

Also, what would change in your life if you were deaf and blind to fear? What would you do if you weren’t scared?

Have a nice weekend.


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