March Madness

I just got carded for cigarettes at Wawa. The girl, who had to be 25, mumbled something and I said what and she said can I see your id and I said I’m almost 40 and she said oh well, take it as the complement and I said wow, I guess that nap really worked! I’d also like to note that cat has been playing with the ghost in my bedroom. She sees it and runs after it and skitters in circles and makes little kitty cry noises. Hilarious! Let these two anecdotes describe March in a nutshell.

I was driving home last night staring at the moon and I realize that I didn’t tell 1 of my friends about what is about to come in this month. And so let me share with you as well.

We have some very hard hitting astrological transits this month that are worth noting. On the 17th of March, we have the 7th exactment of Uranus square Pluto.Uranus is the planet of sudden change and Pluto being the planet of transformation are squaring meaning that they’re fighting and this has been going on since 2012. If you really want to look at it, I kind of feel like it’s been going on since 2008. None of us are the same as we were back then and the reason why is because Uranus has been fighting with Pluto and so we’ve had to completely burn down and rebuild ourselves over and over again during this. This is a major transit that is life changing and I am super glad it is almost over.

And then on March 20th we have a super moon solar eclipse which is going to be a fantastic beginning to our spring. The super moon itself will cause earthquakes a week before or a week after along the Ring of Fire that are usually in the 6 to 9 range.. that in itself should tell you that it’s really strong and then you have a solar eclipse which is the strength of 3 full moons and so you have six times the strength of a full moon on March 20th. FUN!

A second eclipse will follow 2 weeks later. so figure things being strange until April 11. Or maybe not strange but energy will be on HIGH.

I am already beginning to see the effects of these transits and very interested to see how this all plays out

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