I talk to a lot of twin flames not only because it makes us all feel better in separation, but also because it helps me figure out what really happened. It’s a mystery! Every single one of us had a loving partner that didnt want to leave until BOOP! They left! Unexpectedly and abruptly. So, then, that’s not really a mystery anymore if all of us have the same thing happen. Best is when I get full on details after reunion. And what was said made me cry.

“She lied about not wanting to be with me and she left because she didnt feel worthy.”

Even though she wanted to be with him for the rest of her life.

Even though they had talked about staying together.

She felt unworthy and ran.


Not great for him because he had to live it. We do as well in a sense, but if this helps put the puzzle together quicker or your mind at ease and I hope it does, then it benefits us as twins. We need to stick together and absorb these stories to learn the true machinations of the internal switches that are being pushed and pulled. It takes lifetimes and years and tears and misery to make it through this dark mess of being a twin but if we can deduce it down to one sentence, then the mystery unfolds. Why do we separate? Because we don’t feel worthy.

This is not just on the runner’s side. I can say that and I speak for myself. BOTH SIDES in my relationship had issues.

Take a look at what you fought about during your relationship. However long it was, it was that long and lasted as long as it could because it needed to illuminate these issues. If energy isn’t balanced, the mirror makes things worse. We know this.

But really look at what issues you had with your twin and figure out why they were issues. Not that your twin was acting up, but why did the things that they did bother you? You can’t work on their issues, you can only work on your own. I’ve gone over my own behavior many times. And it is so overwhelmingly CLEAR that I was out of line many a time. I noted, even during our relationship, that we would have these ridiculous fights over total bullshit. But all of the things we fought about were hot spots for me, emotionally. Things I needed to heal. After going through this thinking and analyzing, I’ve dropped many of my old behaviors because they didnt stay in line with love and appreciation.

Separation totally sucks but now I know! Now I know what and where my side is in this relationship. Where I end. Where I draw the line between my responsibility as a gf and his as a bf. How am I to act to not only mirror love but accept it? How am I to act to be able to accept love? I am gracious as in.. I have gratitude for my twin.

I started the Pathway to Happiness podcasts about a year ago and the first one was “having gratitude” and I was like..who cares? This is stupid! But NOW I understand it. I couldnt see then why that was important. But I’m getting it now. You have to have gratitiude for things or they will leave your life. You have to respect and be appreciative of what you have in the present.


To make this easier and to calm your fears/mind etc.. : 

Each day it gets better because you know that you are learning (at a super fast rate) and transforming into that love. Daily. Each day you get a chance to undo some damage or fix future damage that hasnt been done.

The body is healing. If you take away the toxicity that you keep and you let it go, your body heals on it’s own. I think the same goes for the twin flame relationship. We heal in separation.

I am blown away as I found out yesterday that not only my cousin and best friend have twin flames, but my secretary does, as well. That’s three people I know that are going through this too. Some are in separation. Some are just coming into the relationship and they’ve seen me struggle through. I know I have psychic abilities with my twin. I also have psychic abilities with my twin friends. I think of them and they call me or text or email me right away. That means there has got to be a superior level of honesty and trust if we all have this ability.

Things are getting crazy. I keep finding more and more twins meeting. And then what happens is that all of us are then psychic and must be open and honest. Yes, this can be a very sketchy, scary situation for the runners. But, understand you have no choice. The Universe is calling for strength and we are all transforming.

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