Prep your twin flame toolkit before you enter!

I just got a letter from someone who met their twin, yet they havent begun their relationship yet. I didnt realize I would have advice for something like this, but I did. If someone told me before to do certain things, would I feel better during separation?


And someone must have told me because I have those tools in my separation toolkit.


He and I are OCD and super meticulous about details. We actually made a toolkit without me realizing. It consists of:

1. Confirmation in writing how we felt during our relationship. We both wrote a blog together. And before I deleted them in anger, I copy/pasted like a psycho into a word file. Each one. And numbered them. He has the screenshots. I have all of the originals.

2. Sayings: So important. Ours was “No matter what, if were not talking or fighting, I will always love you.” “I don’t want to lose you.”  “I want to be with you for the rest of my life.”

3. Tons of pictures as time went by. You can see how things shift over time with your twin via facial expression. This helps pinpoint timing.

4. Write down everything! Keep a journal. DAILY. You will need to cos the best part usually goes fast through the first few stages and then things magically disappear.

The runner 180 degreeing on you can be the darkest black you have ever seen in your life. You will never know a pain like that. You need the above to remind you if you need it during separation.

I find, for myself, that having these things is great. I put them away and DONT look at them, just know that they exist. And know your runner is lost and confused and are rejecting themselves, not you.

OK, I have purple kale to make



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