Blog for the week of Feb 23

Lots and lots of things going on right now kitty cats. We have a major influx in earthquakes along the ring of fire which tells me to look forwards or backwards at moon phases and yep- we just had a Supermoon on February 18th. Earthquakes tend to revolve around the larger moon phases and they break stuff apart and stir stuff up. If you are feeling major movement, this is why.

Very exciting week as I have been contacted by a close family member telling me that she found her twin flame. I read her texts and they flow with twin flame life. Only problem, she has a live in boyfriend. What does one do then? Each situation plays out as it should via the Universe and it’s plan. Sometimes, things come at bad times and you have to rearrange things because of such. This is now the second person close to me who has found their twin, which is crazy.

Now that Mercury Retrograde comes to pass, I am more able to get my own stuff done. I could never see the lineage before, but, I had a spark of inspiration this weekend and I think it had something to do with the crystal bowl meditation I experienced Friday night.

I ended up going down the beach this past very cold Friday and just made it as they closed the doors. I walk in and the event coordinator hugged me. The room was expanse and there were 30-40 people lying down in blankets and pillows. Within fifteen minutes she began playing these crystal bowls and it was the craziest experience ever! I felt like I was tripping, like in a Matthew Barney movie and all of these images kept coming to me. There was the loudest wave noise bouncing from ear to ear. And then she played this one bowl and I saw myself on a horse in the 1200’s and I was stabbed in the stomach. My stomach kept clenching and I began to cry. I couldnt fathom why this person would do this to me. It was horrible! I kept feeling it and I was murdered again 200 years later! More tears and trying to figure out why. Why why why?

Being a twin flame is funny because you can read right through people’s anger/ bs and see it’s them. WE can read when people are lying too. We all had a chance to tell our stories of what we felt and saw and most peoples were ethereal and northern lighty with a splash of indian reservation. Mine was death and bloody destruction in the Middle Ages. Not very light and airy at all.The teacher didnt take well to my story saying that we need to leave the past in the past and nodded at me.. Well, why the fuck did I come to this place if that wasnt my motive, sis?! To process out the pains from other times.

I left pissed off and sore and was walking with a hip wouldn’t work and my knee was stuck. I didnt really expect a regression, but I guarantee you next time I go back and she plays the same bowl, I’ll be able to see more. So I’m totally down with that. I’m not really concerned about her criticism. (It’s always the Yoga/new-agey people who are so critical, eh?) I’m there to get things out. Aligning energy or processing old hurt that needs to be alleviated. Now I can see why I have such a strange level of distrust with people. They like to kill me. LOL.

I laugh but it’s not funny. Or maybe it is.

I felt a million times lighter and more free after this hour long experience. I got a chance to walk the beach for 2 hours on Sunday in dewy 45 degree weather. I thought of nothing. It’s been awhile since I could think of nothing. And then later I saw through to what it was that I wanted with my art career. Much bigger stuff than I’ve been producing. Why? There is so much clutter in my way that it slows me down. I made a list of clutter to get rid of and have been working on that this week.

All’s good even if my two new cats are in hiding. Maybe I’ll get some dogs to sniff them out and rile them up. I feel a lot of great energy coming for new and exciting situations through the spring and into the summer. Each obstacle I have I am not ignoring it, but plowing it down by taking care of it. Time to get naked on the beach in the Bahamas. But first..a new set of paintings to have shows with.


The world reopens for us twins now. There is new air in the atmosphere!

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