The bridge

I’m going to repost a few blogs from my Tumblr site..this is one of them.

I got another nice letter this evening from a reader thanking me for this blog. Thank you for reading me! This is my only means of venting as I try to leave my non twin friends alone about it at this point. So we all help each other out.

I came across a blog this evening saying twins arent supposed to hurt each other. If they do then they are not twins.

Again..another uneducated tf counterfeit blog! I posted a comment saying I dont agree whatsoever and explained why. (and that, of course, got deleted but whatever.)

I was going to do this blog in video but im just not there yet and this is a lot to say.

We MUST have fights, argue and separate. It is the only way we get across the bridge. Your twin comes to you, a sexy opposite version of your self, totally enticing you to walk across this bridge with them. The thing is, the only way to cross the bridge is without them and so, they must leave you. And we feel ultra pain, torture, constantly sad and missing them and that unbelievable connection.

The idea now is to get across the bridge and meet them on the other side. To get stuck thinking about the steps leading up to it are silly. We must be proactive and remain in our faculties to stay safe as we walk across.

We also must encounter many emotions going across. Pain, abandonment, insecurity, jealousy, doubt, sadness. The walking is constant and so are the emotions. Eventually, we realize we are the ones that are allowing these emotions to plague us. How do you stop yourself from the constant cycle of these feelings?

Look at the trees as you walk. Look at your hands and feet. You must focus on what makes you happy. As you meet people while walking across you must be gracious and kind. Each day you walk across you are getting further from the pain and closer to yourself. Your true self. And you are healing old wounds of false beliefs. Illusions invented to control you.

And I dont think that this is any different on either bridge. The runner bridge has the same landscape, it is just an illusion that it is different because someone is lying or pretending it is not. Perhaps they have to confront different emotions, but I dont think either bridge is a piece of cake.

You had to find a way to rip apart. Negativity had to bubble up because how could this love really be? It has got to be a lie! No! That is the structure of this type of relationship. That is how it is written. Neither side wants to part but they must..there is always a reason, if not many. We understand this because we’re all stitched into it. (My relationship followed the stages to a T.) And it feels totally cumbersome.

But the rules while on the bridge are vague and even though temporary, feels uncomfortable. At first, it is like being stripped of your skin and dipped into boiling acid then pushed through your first set of planks. It is lonely and cold and miserable. It feels as if there is nothingness surrounding us.

There are many illusions that you must meet on this bridge. And then you must shatter these illusions. One is that you are independent of the universe. You are not. You are a giant part of it. Another illusion is that your twin doesnt love you. Your twin loves you more than you will ever know. This goes further in that, in a way, everyone loves each other. The hardest illusions to break are ones that are pertaining to yourself because they have been so ingrained in you, maybe through many lifetimes. Fear can also be an illusion. But ultimately, what is there to fear except death? And we’ve been there many times over.

Like any game, or story, there are characters. Ones that help and ones that hurt. Right now, it might feel like your twin is hurting you. But the only person who can hurt you is you. You inflict the pain. All of it. You just have to decide to stop hurting yourself.

Once you have decided that, I think this walk becomes a breeze. That is the idea of walking across the bridge. To learn how to stop hurting yourself.

You must fill your life, your every step with focus, determination and the vibrancy of all that life is. Absorb all of the beautiful things around you and understand. You are not only walking across the bridge with all of us other tfs, but your twin, who is watching at a distance and all of life as we know it. You are on stage.

If you put something very toxic into a bowl of oatmeal, it makes it bad to eat. It infects it and anyone who consumes it. The same is true if you sprinkle it with vitamins. It nourishes everything touching and interacting with it. The small dose of positivity in your every step can influence all of whats around you.

It is just your choice.

So as you take steps across this bridge, be very deliberate and delicate with your true intention.

This is the service they speak of. We as tfs have seen something not many else have seen. We know that reincarnation is true now. We have a greater understanding of how the universe works because we were allowed that glimpse of spiritual genius. And we have to help others see it too.

So do we hurt our twins? No not exactly. We hurt ourselves. And make unwise decisions and it affects our twins as well as everyone around us.

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