So your twin is “acting up.”

When you are both on two separate wavelengths, this is going to happen. They may be behind in stage or not ready to fully and openly love you yet (or you would be back together.) It’s OK. Everything happens as it should.

Are they being really stubborn, bratty, dating someone else, pretending they don’t care..etc. It’s really upsetting to watch. The worse part is that they believe they are supposed to be doing these things. Technically, they are lying to themselves. They aren’t READY to accept responsibility of a twin flame relationship, not READY to commit to the intensity that the two of you bring. In time they will be.

In the meantime..get away from that.

If you must watch, it will hurt, but you will begin to learn to accept things at a new level. If you can get away from it, do. It will take a while to realize that watching this mess is not going to get you anywhere and it is best you focus on your own stuff. The more you do for you, the more they do for themselves. I don’t know how this works, but we are linked.

When you get into 6th stage, you don’t really see what they are doing as something that is going to hurt you. You are protected by the time you are in stage 6 because all you feel is unconditional love. No, you just see they are hurting themselves and it hurts to watch. It hurts to watch them squirm.  Yuck.  You feel bad for them and all you see is love for them and they throw back energy like a toddler throwing a bottle across a room. Oh well. In time.

Don’t let it affect you. They are doing what they are doing because they are confused.

Getting through twin flame energy on either side is not easy. It is a lot of emotional breakdowns, facades, accepting and rejecting parts of yourself and ultimately, finding self love.

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