1st post

Hi and welcome to my twin flames site! I will be writing blog posts about twin flame life and struggles. I AM a twin and have been through the first few stages. My twin and I followed them almost to a T, so the framework of the stages is pretty on point. There are many things not written about that I would like to touch on. In fact, so many I made this website to do so.

I am completely enthralled by the amazing energy exchange you go through with your twin. Before two years ago, I had never heard of what a twin flame was. Nor did I believe in reincarnation. After connecting with my twin, I can say that my life will never be the same. At first it seemed like a cute, romantic notion that we would be so in tune with each other. Little did I know that this was just the beginning of an amazing journey into myself.

I have met so many nice twins during my separation from my twin that I wanted us all to have a place to come and be able to comment back and forth. I also wanted to open it up to more twins, as well. Tumblr is only so large, the internet much larger.

I do believe in love. I believe in miracles. I believe that there is an answer to every problem as the Universe moves in balance.

Welcome to my site.

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