A Twin Flame relationship is not the fantasy that everyone thinks it to be. Understanding the definition of a soul being cut in half and reborn into two separate individuals, it is the most insane energy event you will ever realize. It is the deepest love you will ever know and at the same time, complete confusion, misery and the darkest blackness that your heart could ever be dropped into. Going through it, without having any prior knowledge of such a thing existing, I’ve had to accept it as it comes at me. It was not a choice from the get go. It just arrives, you live it and it encapsulates your life from that point forward.

There isnt a wealth of information on Twin Flames that is really defined on the internet. There are so many sites with vague descriptions, but none with blow-by-blow details of how to deal with this type of relationship. I started this page up because of a few reasons. I wanted to give back to the twin flame community for helping me during my darker moments. I noticed that everything touching on it was more on the spiritual side and not so scientific side. Quantum physics plays a big part of this, as do good old fashioned relationship rules. There are also many sites committed to flooding the internet with incorrect knowledge. Ultimately, I wanted a place for all twins to be able to share with each other and help each other out.

Welcome to Twin Flames Unite.